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15 seconds of all the songs I could find that sync with this gif


I may even suggest this

My real name… is plain… Jane Jones.




At what point do we just banish him from the planet

And yet there are still people who love him.

Reblog if you want him genuinely banished from the planet

Deredere: I wonder if senpai will notice me if I make him bento today!
Tsundere: I-it's not like I want senpai to notice me or anything...! He isn't that cool anyway!
Yandere: Senpai! I removed your girlfriend who was in the way of our fated love. Will you notice me now? Why won't you notice me, senpai!?
Dandere: I don't think senpai would notice me anyway, so it doesn't matter...
Kuudere: I don't really care whether senpai notices me or not.
Himedere: If senpai wants me to notice him, he better kneel down and lick my shoes.
Thugdere: Senpai a bitch ass nigga anyway, thats why I stole that niggas wallet

In Harry Potter  a part of the mage population hates the muggles but they don’t  know that the muggles watch and read   the franchise  .So….if they destroy them or slaved them; how the mages  gonna exist ??? :/

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Machine Porn


this is a comic about how hard is to be a Black Hole


this is a comic about how hard is to be a Black Hole